Lesson 2: A New Beginning
In order to restore peace in Heaven for all eternity and insure that a rebellion like that of Satan and his demons would never occur again, God needed to properly vet and train any new angels before they could enter eternity and share in His happiness. He had already created Earth as a prison for the demons so now He would turn lemons into lemonade and use Earth and the demons as the perfect testing ground for his new family members.

You see, you are not an accident. You are not here by chance. You are not a mere mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. Oh no. You are part of something far greater - an eternal plan. And, not just any plan. God is on a dedicated mission to repopulate Heaven after losing a third of His angels and he's looking for a few good souls who would like to help make that happen.

God's first plan to test his new recruits was to create a controlled testing area - a  "garden", which His angels guard like a citadel. A safe haven where He could test and train His heavenly candidates. Unfortunately, God's first candidates, Adam and Eve, failed the test of the garden. But, God would not be deterred and did not give up on His vision...

He then found a man and his family who were already withstanding temptation. Noah was a preacher of righteousness in a world that was filled to the brim with corruption. By then God was grieved He had made mankind but Noah found favor in God's eyes and God endeavored to begin again with Noah and his family, so He wiped the earth clean. But, Noah fell into drunkenness soon after landing the Ark and there was discord within his family. So, God sought out another willing soul to carry on from there...

God reasoned that if He could find an individual who would give up everything and follow Him that he could train such a man who would then train his wife and children and so on from generation to generation and God could work through the family line from birth. God found Abram who became Abraham and God tested Abraham by leading him through a nomadic life. God's ultimate test for Abraham was asking him to kill his own son. God then stopped Abraham from doing so once he saw Abraham's willingness to trust and obey. After Abraham's son Isaac came Jacob, Abraham's grandson, who was also known as Israel and was father of the twelve tribes of Israel. The same tribes who Moses presented with the ten commandments and about which the Old Testament is written. However, God soon realized that even the family bond and upbringing was not enough to maintain righteousness. He found those inside the family of believers who turned away from Him, while equally there were those outside the family line who longed to draw near to God.

This realization soon led God to the one method or plan that would assure eternal salvation for all those and only those who truly desired it. God realized the "one size fits all" approach wasn't going to work. He would have to examine the heart of each individual and judge each person as an individual, soul by soul. Each soul would then need to be personally transformed into eternal beings of light and He would personally need to show each one the way.

This led God to settle on the ultimate plan that would be once for all, for all eternity..

To discover God's ultimate plan for you, please continue to Lesson 3...