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How to Go to Heaven

How to Go to Heaven!

God has prepared a place for YOU - but, you have to get to Heaven to enjoy it! All are invited but not all are chosen.
Find out what the Bible teaches about how to go to Heaven and assure your salvation!

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How to go to Heaven - good question. Everyone is invited to go to Heaven. Everyone is given the opportunity to go to Heaven. But, not everyone will go to Heaven. Heaven is a place reserved for the few. Not few in number but few in heart. Few have the heart to even want to know how to go to Heaven. You obviously have the heart to want to know or you wouldn't be here reading this now. So, will you take the next step to find out how to go Heaven? There is still room for you if you want to go but you must take steps to be chosen. Sign-up on this page to take the next step and learn how to go to Heaven!

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