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How to Be Saved!

God has led you here for a reason! He wants you to be saved!
We have helped people from every walk of life for almost 20 years discover the truth and assure their destiny. Now is YOUR time!

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Many understand the need to be saved but few know how to be saved. There are many salvation myths that are prevalent, yet most are false and at the very least are not the full Biblical plan of salvation. Through Salvation 101 you will learn how to be saved and how to become a Christian. We offer LIVE, personal, one-to-one instruction on how to be saved completely FREE of charge. We walk with you, step-by-step and help you each step of the way. To get started, enter your email address above to view our FREE video and then sign-up to learn how to be saved!

Assurance of Salvation

"How do you know when I'm saved?" Great question! Many go through life wondering whether or not they are saved. This is usually because they were never taught the Biblical plan of salvation. When a person follows the Biblical plan of salvation they know exactly when and how they were saved. When you sign-up for your FREE month of assistance we will share with you the Biblical plan of salvation right from the Bible so that you too will know and have assurance of salvation.

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